Dumbell Fat Head Zonker

Introduction: Dumbell Fat Head Zonker

About: I am an avid fly fisherman, and started a fly fishing channel where I tie flies and video myself fishing.

This has enough weight to use with a conventional or spinning rod and I use this fly to catch flounder in the Texas gulf with my conventional gear. It is also a great fly to use with heavier fly rods (8wt and up) just because of the excess weight. If you lighten up the weight, you could use it with a lighter rod. This will imitate a small baitfish, and moves incredibly in the water.

Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 - Size 1/0

Thread: Danville 210 waxed - Red

Weight: Dumbbell Eyes - 6MM

Flash: Krystal Flash - Silver

Tail: Rabbit Zonker - White

Body: White Bull Frog Dubbing mixed with pearl Starburst Dubbing

Hook Wrap: Cactus Chenille - Pearl

Eye Adhesive: Krazy Glue

FInishing Resin: Solarez UV curing resin - Bone Dry formula

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