Dumbledore Costume




For the robe, I bought some cheap gray broadcloth and traced a robe shape around my son's body as he laid on top of the fabric.  I cut it out and sewed the back to the front, adding trim along the front and sleeves.  The front has a frog-type button clasp to hold it closed.

I'm pretty proud of the beard and hair.  Last year I made a beard out of felt for a different costume, but I wanted this one to be more flowey.  I thought of batting, but it wasn't quite what I wanted.  Instead, I used one of those fake spiderwebs they sell with the Halloween decorations!  Rather than stretching it out into a spider web, as it's meant for, I cut it into lengths and stretched it just wide enough to be hair-like.  I sewed the beard and mustache to a felt base, which ties around his head (and over his ears) with ribbon.  The hair is sewn onto the hat.

For the hat, I just sewed a length of fabric to a circle roughly the size of the top of my son's head.  I trimmed it, of course, and even made a little tassel for the top out of a few inches of fringe trim.

Total cost?  About $10.  Cuteness factor?  Priceless.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is pretty cool - Dumbledore was my favorite character - I wasn't too happy when he died (: