Dummy AA Batteries With AC-Adapter

Introduction: Dummy AA Batteries With AC-Adapter

I wanted to connect an AC-Adapter to a device witch uses two AA batteries, but there was no place to connect the AC-Adapter. I intended to make two dummy batteries from a ”pre-drilled” bambu stick but before that a found this wooden stick för 0,80 Euro. If you needed there AA batteries in serial, just put any used AA battery in the middle.



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    forgot to mention that I just suffered a few wires on some dead alk batteries. the ends are tinable, so it is incredibly easy if you have a good soldering iron.

    I did this with my daughter's swing. D cells and C cells are expensive and hard to find... so just used an smps wall adapter and a dc.dc converter to power it up. have to be careful what devices this is done with since some circuits are designed for use with batteries.

    cool idea!
    I would have just soldered the leads from the Ac/Dc wall wart directly to the battery terminals! Or solder to any other suitable point. You still can improve on this, but it is semi- permanent. Follow the battery terminals leads and connect to where the battery leads terminates!

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    Hi ktrantham,

    It started off with soldering the leads from the AC-adaptor. However, since I sometimes use the AC-Adapter and another time batteries, I found this solution practical. Also, since my AC-Adaptor has a selector 3 - 12 Volt, I can use my dummies in my other devices. I think it´s an advantage that you can do make this project without any soldering iron. Of cause I would´t survive without my soldering iron.