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Introduction: Dungeons and Dragons Suitcase

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I made this for my friend who has just begun playing Dungeons and dragons! Note that I haven´t ever played it, but a friend who has - for a long time - provided me with some data.

If you know someone who love D&D, or maybe you do yourself.. then keep reading! I´ll make it worth the time!

Step 1: Before You Start on Your Suitcase!

First thing we want to do, is making the case itself.

What I did was, that I went to the nearest toy store and bought a small doll for a doll house (which we will be needing later on this instructables) and a suitcase! As you can see, the color doesn´t really matter, but the darker you can find it, the easiest it is for you.


Get your suitcase, some black paint and a lot of newspaper. This might (probably will) get messy, so for your own sake - don´t skip the newspaper ;)

Step 2: Paint Away


Paint the inside and outside of the suitcase black. It might need several layers, depending on the paints quality and the suitcase´s colors.

Keep adding layers, until the paint covers as much of the inside, as you want it to.

While you wait for it to dry, so you can keep on adding another layer, you might want to start on some of the other stuff.

I´ll finish the suitcase guiding first, for the sake of overview.

NB! Be careful about painting both the inside and outside of the suitcase at the same time, as the paint might stick to the newspaper!

Step 3: More Painting

When the black color is completely dry, take some brown paint and paint the outside of the suitcase bit by bit.

As you paint, take a cloth and pat gently on the wet paint. If you want some of the originally color to shine through, then keep patting on the same spot. This way it´ll look old and used.

Tip: you might wanna pad a bit extra on the places, that it would have been touched a lot, if it really was old. That makes it more believable.

You need to have been patting on every spot on the outside of the suitcase.

Spray the suitcase (when it´s dry!!) with spray lacquer. You don´t wan´t to have missed a spot. If you´re unsure, then rather a time too much, than too few.

There you go! The suitcase is done

Step 4: Materials for the Bowls

Now I´ll teach you how to make a bowl.


- leather

- tush

- a scissor made to cut in leather

- punches

- a quite big lid (mine was about 22 cm, in diameter)

- strong, black string

Step 5: Clip and Make Holes

Draw around the lid, onto the leather. Cut it out with the scissor and make holes is the leather approx. 2 cm apart, but really it doesn´t matter that much.

Step 6: Almost There!

Take the string and pulle it through the holes, shifting from one side to another (you know what I mean?)

Write something on the leather - I wrote a few spells, because my friend is playing Bard.

NB! The strings has to end, facing the same way close to each other.

Pull the strings and tadaa! You´ve got bowls! ;)

Step 7: Now... Bard

Remember that doll you also bought with the suitcase? Well you´re gonna use it now!

I now the players don´t always use physically figures, but I thought it could be cool to have one anyway right??

Now - I choose Bard, because that was what she played - but you should check out what your friend is playing, so you won´t embarrass yourself ;) XD

I painted his jacket green and his pants black, I gave it a few layers. Just to be sure.

Basically I just thought: "Bard is a trubadur, he´ll have to look like one," and then I tried my best :)

Step 8: Bard Is Nearly Finished!

When the clothes was dry, I gave Bard it on and took the time to make him some instruments.

From a pearl and a match, I made something like a guitar or a lute. From a pack of toothpicks, I made a pan flute.

Then I folded some fabric, painted it, put a needle in it and made him a hat. And there you go! Done!

NB! This might seem like a last minute gift, but it really isn´t. It took me about a weekend, caused to the time for it to dry etc.. But it´s definitely worth the wait!

Please leave a comment and if you have any questions, I´ll be happy to answer them ASAP :)

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    Question 2 years ago on Step 3

    What paint do you suggest?


    Answer 2 years ago

    I used acrylic paint but I think that almost every paint will work just fine :)