I need help to improve this project.

I would like to implement a automatic system to turn off/on.

I try to put a renkforce ES-WIRS01 but unfortunately the result is bad.

I think that a more simple system could be used but I don't have any experience about electrical component.

And I need to obtain a maximum informations to define correctly the size of the base.

Thank you.

Step 1:

Step 2:



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    Hi, I have tried to explain the different steps on the PDF file.

    To answer you more better, could ask me exactly what I need to precise ?


    After finding the logo on internet, I changed it into DXF in Inkscape.
    Then I used Rhino 3D to improve the sketch (type of polyligne, closure, etc) Because at the beginning I wanted to engrave the plate on my CN. (Kosy A5)
    But the result was not perfect by milling also I used the service of a supplier specialized in Laser Engraving. (http://www.gravure-laser-concept.com/)