Duplicate Part--Door Stop for Pocket Door

Introduction: Duplicate Part--Door Stop for Pocket Door

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We moved into a house that was missing a door stop for a pocket door. I tried to find one--but without luck.

I copied an existing door stop and it works great!

This is a practical use for a 3D printer.  I used Autodesk 123D software to design the part and the MakerBot Replicator to print it.  On my first try, one of the dimensions was too large, so I changed it in software then reprinted to get the part I need.

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Step 1:

First there is a problem--the missing stop.

Step 2:

The two pocket doors "meet in the middle" and only one door had a stop.  I tried to find the part at our local hardware and home supply stores--no luck.

Step 3:

Here's the pieces--but it doesn't have to be this involved.

Step 4:

I took a set of calipers (these are really important if you are going to make parts) and measured the important dimensions; then put them on paper.

Step 5:

I went from paper to a 3d part in Autodesk 3d software (free--runs on Windows only).  It takes about 10 minutes to design a part like this if you have the dimensions (and that's for a self taught user like me).

Look for the design and print  files on Thingiverse:


Step 6:

Print the part (or send the design off to a printing place).

Step 7:

I took a couple of washers (no need to recreate the bottom piece of the stop) and fastened it in place.

It works!

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    yes, this is an excellent application for 3d printing. did you have to do any sanding to get the part to fit, or did it come out of the makerbot ready to go?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    It came out ready to use. This could become very common in the future if : 3d printer cost comes down, libraries of 3d parts increase, more people learn to use 3d software