Duplicating Blocks

Introduction: Duplicating Blocks

Step 1: Setting Up

Have an empty chest in the middle of a 3x3 square

Step 2: The Blocks

Add 1-8 blocks into the chest from your inventory in one single movement

Step 3: Break But Don't Destroy

Half break the blocks around the chest to indicate where the desired blocks to duplicate will be placed

Step 4: Placing the Blocks

Take out the blocks from the chest and surround the chest with them

Step 5: Exit

Exit the app and clear the history of the app

Step 6: Reopen

Reopen the app and load up the world

Step 7: Withdraw the Blocks

Check the chest as there will be the blocks that you have duplicated if there not in the chest then check your inventory they maybe in there.

Step 8: The Blocks

There you have the blocks

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    6 years ago

    How do you delete history??? :I