Duplication Minecraft Pe

Introduction: Duplication Minecraft Pe

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Hi again!!!!!!
This is my instructable on an EASY minecraft pe duplication! I think most of you know it but i will show the people who dont know!!!!

So lets get started!!
Things you need are

• a chest
•multi player
• the thing u want to duplicate (duh?)

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Step 1: Both Players Go in the Chest

Place the thing u want to duplicate also!!!!
I placed diamond blocks!

Step 2: Both Players Take the Item at the Same Time!

Make sure you dont take it the hold way or else it wont work!!!! Do it at the same time!!!!

Step 3: Put It Back in the Chest

Make sure you DONT PUT IT IN THE CHEST AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!! I am warning you!

So basically you get double of the item if u do it correctly! :)

Step 4: Keep Duplicating Until You Are Rich!!!

Trust me, this is the BEST duplication ever!!!!

Step 5: You Are Done

Now you are rich!!!!!!!!!!
Hope this works for you! It practically works for anyone-if you follow the steps! Good luck! Enjoy!


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    5 years ago

    COOL I all ready know it But other people DONT thanks for sharing ..