Durable Earbud Storage for Transport




Problem: Transporting earbuds can be challenging. Wrapping them around your iPod or stuffing them in you pocket are recipes for damage and entanglement.

Solution: Use a small durable mint tin to store your earbuds for transport.

Step 1: Steps 1 - 5

Step 1 - Purchase and eat mints.
Step 2 - Clean mint dust out of mint tin (important or your earbuds will smell like mint)
Step 3 - Wrap earbud wire around two fingers into a coil.
Step 4 - Stuff wire coil into mint tin.
Step 5 - Put earbuds in center of coiled wire.

Step 2: Pros & Cons

Pros: Small durable storage - Able to transport in a pocket full of change or keys

Cons: Not airport metal-detector friendly

Earbuds shown are Klipsch.



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    Great idea. I just went and grabbed an old mint container and put my earbuds in.