Durable Hardwood Bench

Introduction: Durable Hardwood Bench

This is a very simple tutorial. I made this bench about 3 months ago. It's a simple design for a bench that will last a long time.

Step 1: Materials

- 2 concrete blocks

- hardwood 2"x3" (45mmx70mm)

- Inox screws

- Threaded wire (M8)

- Heatshrink

Step 2: Make It!

Step 1: Mill the wood. I bought hardwood pieces of 3 meter. The bench is 1,5 meter in length so I cut the wood precisely in half. Also mill the two shorter pieces.

Step 2: Place the threaded wire. Drill a 7,5mm hole in the shorter pieces of wood, to fit in a piece of M8 threaded wire. It should be very sturdy, but to be sure you can lock it with some glue.

Step 3: Heat shrink the threaded wire (optional). I put a heat shrink around the pieces of threaded wire just to protect it form damaging the concrete blocks.

Step 4: Screw everything together. You're now ready to screw everything together. Be sure to pre-drill every hole. It's easy to snap off one of your screws when you don't pre-drill correctly.

Step 5: Make holes in the concrete blocks: Drill holes in the concrete blocks that fit your pieces of threaded wire.

You're Done!

Step 3: Planters

Another option is to make this bench with planters on both sides.

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    2 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! Reminds me of George Nelson's Slat Bench....(he was the design director that hired Charles Eames for Herman Miller originally...)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    very well looking

    and awesomeeeeeeeeeeee gonna do the same