Dushkriti the Hunter


homemade costume I call Dushkriti. Indian for THE SUM OF ALL SIN. I based the idea off a ancient/native scavenger like creature. i made the costume out of faux fur(poncho) with a padded hunch for the back, burlap material making up one part of the two layered loin cloth and boot toppers, skin toned one piece jump suit that i painted to look like muscle tissue, platform shoes i inserted into the latex pig boots, alot of faux hair for realism, and faux leather which was used for second loin cloth layer and other pieces of detail here and there. I also added a few this and that items, carrying shrunken heads, small bone knife, and net for capturing my prey. I wear this costume when I volunteer at non profit haunts. Thanks for your consideration and vote for me. - DAVID



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