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Hello everyone, I'm Ashley and in this Instructable I'm sharing how to build a dust collection cart for the Ridgid shop vacuum and Dustopper (a cyclone dust separator for a 5 gallon bucket). This is a weekend DIY project that can be built from a single sheet of plywood.

Let's get started with the build!

The following are some of the tools and supplies I gathered to build my dust collection cart (affiliate links):

The 36″ hose that came with the Dustopper is a few inches too short so I used the hose that came with my Ridgid vacuum.

I also use a Bosch vacuum hose for my orbital sander. It’s a nice hose and I recommend it. It needs an adapter to connect to the Dustopper.

My dust collection cart is largely inspired by the dust carts built by John of John Builds It and Matt of MWA Woodworks. I merged my favorite features between the two carts into this one.

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Step 1: Cut Parts According to Cut List

Break down the sheet of plywood into the following parts:

  • 23 1/2″ x 40″ (Sides) x 2
  • 24″ x 22″ (Base)
  • 24″ x 14″ (Top Shelf)
  • 4″ x 24″ (Braces) x 3
  • 4″ x 22″ (Caster Supports) x 2

Step 2: Drill Pocket Holes

Grab a pocket hole jig drill and drill pockets holes on the following parts:

  • All four sides of the base
  • The short sides of the top shelf
  • The short sides of the braces

Step 3: Assemble the Cart

Assemble the cart following the diagram. Attach the two sides together via the top shelf and three braces. Install the base 3/4″ from the bottom of sides to allow clearance for the caster supports.

Step 4: Cut a Hole in the Top Shelf for the Bucket

Use a router with a circle cutting jig or a jigsaw to cut out a circle for the Dustopper bucket.

Step 5: Install Caster Wheels

Attach the parts for the caster supports to the base of the cart. Grabs screws and matching washers and install 4 casters to the underside of the dust cart.

Step 6: Enjoy!

The Dustopper + Shop Vac cart is a much needed shop addition. It’s so nice having the bucket on a set of wheels now.

Thanks for checking out my Instructable!

Watch the video tutorial:

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Step 7:

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    10 Discussions


    4 months ago

    You have done the universe a service by pointing out that previously unknown tool, the Duststopper. It's cheap enough to get one to try and decide how to adapt your idea for a cart. I say adapt because where my Shop vac lives (and i LOVE the eyes) is under the right wing of my table saw and I can't stack like you have. But I can do something else...
    I've tried other cyclone add-ons and had very mixed success -- mostly because they did not adapt to the top of the bucket well. This was designed to go on the bucket and that's huge.
    Thank you for doing this. Well done you.

    Old Shooter

    4 months ago

    Very cool. Might have to try this one. I have built one that uses the Dust Devil type of collector but by the time I have everything stacked (Vacuum, waste bucket, dust devil) and the hose coming out of the vac to the top of my collector I have a monstrosity that is around 6' high. Yours is a lot more compact. Thanks for sharing.


    4 months ago

    Very nicely done Ashley. A great space saver and it's portable. It is great to see women getting involved in woodworking and building projects.


    4 months ago

    great design, and nice video!


    4 months ago

    +1 for the googly eyes!


    4 months ago on Step 6

    That's a good design and a compact but complete instructable. Well done combination of the video, dimensioned plans (in 3D: nice touch) and photos. Dust collection is way more important than most woodworkers realize, and this package makes it effective, convenient for a small shop and inexpensive.


    4 months ago

    The eyes on the vacuum are awesome!


    4 months ago

    Nicely done. Good job. Best part is the eyes on the vac. Nice touch!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1 reply