Dust Collector Remote Control

Introduction: Dust Collector Remote Control

I wanted a remote control for my newly installed dust collector that is in another room. There are some available but, they are expensive and are just on the edge of not able to carry the amperage needed for my 2HP dust collector. This is basically a modification of some others I found on the web. I have roughly $50 invested. It can also be used to switch any load up to the rated amperage of the main relay. With some minor wiring changes it can also be used for 240 volt applications.

Step 1: Parts

  1. Cheap wireless remote found all over the web used to control Christmas lights etc. Usually rated for about 12 amps. E Bay $13.66
  2. Packard C240B 40 AMP 120 VAC 2-Pole Definite Purpose Contactor or something similar. E Bay $10.95

  3. Strain relief for power supply cord. Lowe's $ .35

  4. 120V AC 20A single receptacle. Local hardware store $3.99
  5. 6x6x4 PVC junction box Lowe's $11.46
  6. Triple tap extension cord 12ga Harbor Freight $5.99 I cut the end off to get a nice molded pigtail plug.
  7. 3 nylon stand offs to mount receiver board I had these left over from another project.

Step 2: Get Parts Ready

I carefully disassembled the receiver module and stripped the outer covering off of the power cord. All I really needed was the pcb with the receiver and relay mounted on it. I unsoldered the wires that went to the outlet and soldered some longer ones. I then drilled the mounding holes in my box and bolted all of the pieces in.

Step 3: Wiring

The wiring is pretty straightforward, Incoming power goes to both the receiver module and one side of the main contact relay. Output from the receiver goes to the coil terminals of the contact relay. Wires from the other side of main contact relay go to the receptical. I wouldn't have needed the double contact relay for 120V. Using this relay allows for future use with 240V if ever needed.

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Be advised that some, if not all inexpensive remotes bot IR and wireless may come back in the "energized" or "on" mode if power is even briefly interrupted, this is something you don't want. The only ones I have used that do not react this way are the kind that are used for ceiling fans, once off they stay off even after a power blip. ☺


    Reply 3 years ago

    That is a good point that I hadn't thought of. I just checked it out and this one does not come back on after a power interruption. I can't verify this but I suspect that if your remote has two buttons, OFF and ON which this one does, it will stay off if power is lost. If it only has a single button for off,on it may use a latching relay which would stay on when power is restored.