Dust Pan




Introduction: Dust Pan

Shop/Garage dust pan made out of sign & some scraps!

Step 1: Materials

Scrap wood
3/4" sch40 PVC pipe
Wood glue

Step 2: Bending

The sign was pretty easy to bend, it's just a decretive tin sign! I just measured where I wanted it and drew a couple lines on it then bent it over my work bench with my hands and a rubber mallet.

Step 3: The Handle

I cut a piece of wood to fit between the sides of the bent sign, then drilled a hole in the center slightly smaller then pipe I then roughed up the end of the pipe a bit with a grinder so the wood glue would bond to it when I tapped it in.

Step 4: Final Assembly

I attached the wood to the sign with some screws. Then bent the excess corners over the top of the wood! I also turned the wood a little so the handle isn't flat with the pan.

Step 5: Paint Handle

I took the handle off and sprayed it with some black spray paint.



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    4 Discussions

    interesting idea... but being a collector of metal signs and a fan of Ford...

    1 reply

    Being a collector of metal signs and a fan of Ford I've found I have to much stuff to hang on the wall, so I have to find other ways to use them! Plus it's a cheap sign you can buy for 10 bucks!

    that enamel sign was probably worth more than any shovel you can buy!!!

    1 reply

    It's a reproduction tin sign! You can buy one for $10