Dust Minimizing Vacuum Cleaner Shroud for Hammer Drilling Indoors

About: Currently working as a blacksmiths apprentice in Missouri. Formerly a owner of a metal fabrication and powder coating shop in Chicago

Pretty simple set up that I made in a hurry. I took a cardboard tray and screwed in to the widest attachment that I had. Cut out a V opening for my hammer drill access and a hole to allow dust to get vacuumed. I got lucky and was able to hang the contraption from some wood for sweet hands free dust collection. Oh, when I'm done I fill the small screw holes with hot glue.  Over all a pretty good rig for dust collection (90%), also for catching chunks of bricks (70%). The plastic is still 100% necessary to contain the mess, as you can see in my case, I hammer drilled and chiseled a 9" hole through brick and cinderblock. Don't forget  to clean the hose out as chunky debris would fill the tube and slow air flow.



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