Dutch Oven Meal,,





Introduction: Dutch Oven Meal,,

This Instructable is about cooking a whole meal in Dutch ovens.

Step 1: Dutch Oven Meal

My usual way to cook in a dutch oven was with one pot, then I saw someone stacking them so though I would give it a try.

Step 2:

Step 3:

I use 3 Dutch ovens with legs. I used a large frying pan to hold the briquettes. Put a chicken or a pork or beef roast in the large bottom pot with charcoal on top. In the second pot I usually put a pot of beans or a veggie stew or whatever and put charcoal on top, then top it off with a smaller pot with Banana bread or corn bread or frozen bread dough.

Step 4:

So far I have had really good luck with this method. Food comes out tender and moist.

Step 5:



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    11 months ago

    very cool

    I love camping and cook in a dutch oven all the time.

    would like to know some cooking times and heat bead burn times to please.

    thanks for shearing.