Dutch Side Braid/Bun Tutorial

Introduction: Dutch Side Braid/Bun Tutorial

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This is a tutorial on how to make a side Dutch braid/braid bun. Please don't get frustrated if you don't get this on the first try, it takes practice.

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Step 1: Part Your Hair on the Side

I just used my fingernail but you can use a comb or the end of a bobby pin.

Step 2: Pick Up a Small Section at the Top

Pick up a section at the top of your part. I usually do about the size of two fingers but you can do what ever size you want. It depends on how big you want your braid.

Step 3: Divide Your Section Into Three Parts

Like you would divide three for any other braid. (Please excuse the weird look on my face in this photo lol)

Step 4: Take Your Bottom Section, and Bring It Under Your Middle Section

The section that is closest to your face goes under the middle first.

Step 5: Now Take the Section on the Other Side Under the Middle (now Section 1) and Cross It Over the The Middle One That We Crossed Section 1 Over.

Step 6: Do Step 4 Again, But This Time Adding Hair on That Side.

You can pick up a small or large piece to add in to your braid. Again, it depends on how large or tiny you want your braid. (Most people want a big one)

Step 7: Repeat on the Other Side

Step 8: Continue All the Way Down.

Tip: make sure you get all of your hair in the back of your head while your doing your braid or else it's going to fall on the back of your neck and you'll get sweaty and it will fall out.

Step 9: Once You Reach to Your Jawline, Just Continue Braiding All the Way Down

Then finish it off with a hair tie.

Step 10: (Optional) Pull It Apart to Make It Look Bigger.

Only if you want a bigger braid.

Step 11: If You Want, You Can Wrap It Up Into a Bun or Wear It Down.

I used bobby pins but you can use a rubber band or hair ties to put it in the bun.

Step 12: Enjoy Your Super Cute Dutch Side Braid/bun

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is great! You should enter it into the hair and makeup contest!