Dutch Stroopwafels


Hey People!

My Dad is a baker from Holland, so I grew up with stuff like Stroopwafels and Bolussen and Krakelingen, basically all the good food from the Netherlands.

so here I have a recipe for Stroopwafels (literally Syrup Waffles) I hope you enjoy it!



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Step 1: Supplies

tools that you need:

a medium sized bowl

a spatula

a small saucepan

a knife (I prefer steak knives over paring knives)

various measuring

a waffle cone iron


5 1/2 - 6 cups All Purpose Flour

1 1/2 cups Granulated Sugar

1 tsp Cinnamon

1 tsp Salt

1 cup Vegan Margarine (I used this to make them dairy free, if you use butter they will taste better)

1/4 cup Rice Milk

3 Eggs


2 cups Cane Sugar Syrup (you can also just use corn syrup but it doesn't taste the same)

1 Tbsp Vegan Margarine

1 shot of Kraken or any spiced rum

Step 2: Make Your Dough

Start by cracking your eggs into the bowl, add the sugar and whisk it together,

add the margarine and mix until there are no lumps left (it shouldn't take too long),

add the cinnamon, salt, and rice milk, mix that completely in,

then add the flour and fold it in with your spatula,

then refrigerate that while you make the syrup.

Step 3: The Syrup

start by putting your pan over medium heat,

melt the margarine, then add the sugar syrup,

boil, stirring occasionally until it gets to 235* Fahrenheit

take it off the heat and release the Kraken (stand back, the alcohol will evaporate, do NOT breathe this in, I totally got buzzed doing that once (not a good idea when working with boiling sugar))

put it back on the heat and bring it back up to 235* Fahrenheit,

take it off the heat and set aside to cool

Step 4: Finally, the Assembly!

heat up your iron, it shouldn't take too long.

take a ball of dough, I did about 1 tablespoon per Stroopwafel,

place it on the hot iron and press it closed, bake for 20-30 seconds,

take it off the iron with a knife or fork and slice it open (this will be the hardest part, it's okay if you get it wrong there are always some bad ones),

pour in about 2 teaspoons of syrup and put the top back on and then you are done!

Step 5: Eat Them All!

Congratulations! you made Stroopwafels!

They are best stored in a closed container, and they should last for 1 1/2-2 weeks, (unless they all get eaten)


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    22 Discussions


    5 days ago

    This is a great recipe for reducing the amount of (plastic) waste we create. Thanks for sharing!

    5 replies

    Reply 4 days ago

    Well, of course it depends on how the materials are packaged. Stroopwafels are packed in plastic, and I haven't found a place yet where I can get (good) stroopwafels without destroying the planet with the plastic waste it creates. But I should be able to get the ingredients for stroopwafels in plastic-free packaging, and then make them myself :)


    Reply 4 days ago

    Oh ok,

    I don't normally use that much plastic anyway so I didn't really think of it.


    Reply 3 days ago

    Of course I don't know your way of living. But the chances are high that you actually use more plastic than you think. Almost everything you buy is probably packaged in plastic. Soft drinks usually come in plastic bottles, cookies come in plastic, cheese is packaged in plastic, meat is packaged in plastic, bread is often packaged in plastic, etc., etc.
    (the worst things are individually wrapped things like candy bars or cookies)

    Of course you might already unintentionally avoid such products. If that's the case, then that's awesome. But the chances are high that that's not the case.
    I think it would be worth it to check how much plastic you actually throw away :)


    Reply 1 day ago

    You are right, now that I've checked it out I do use quite a bit more than I originally thought,
    But we do make all of our own bread and stuff.


    2 days ago

    I love stroopwafels... I once was gifted a pack of them (from the Hema store) and fall instantly in love. I tried to make them myself, with a recipe from The Dutch Table, but I obtained waffels that were quite tender. Hema Stroopwaffels are crunchy, quite like "Gaufres dunkerquoises" (a variety of waffels from the northern coast of France, that are very crunchy). Does your recipe give crunchy waffels? They look to be lovely crunchy... Thank you to give us your Dad's recipe, family recipes are the best!

    1 reply

    Reply 1 day ago

    They are a bit crunchy, but they do get chewier the older they get.

    Unfortunately this isn't my Dad's, he hasn't made them in years so I'm not even sure if he remembers his old recipe, this is just a recipe that I found and modified to taste better (and later to make it dairy free),

    spark master

    14 days ago

    They sound pretty basic, and tasty to be sure! Silly as it may seem, I have never seen an Iron like that, what is it?

    You can really play with the batter, (other flours, seeds,minced nuts), and the center could be a sweetened cream, and a powder sugar dusting.

    Stuff like this screams modify and personalize. Please do put the other recipes on here as well!

    sweet recipe!

    1 reply
    julianastamspark master

    Reply 12 days ago

    It is a waffle cone iron, you can probably find one at Stokes or somewhere like that,

    The problem with putting seeds or nuts in the dough is that it would make it inconsistent and get caught in the iron.

    you're probably right about the sweetened cream or something but part of the personality and the goodness of stroopwafels is how chewy they are and that's from the caramel in the centre.

    And I might put the other recipes on, I am not sure yet 😊


    13 days ago

    Only problem is finding the waffle iron... :-D I have a book from the Stroopwafelbakkerij in Gouda with lots of recipes but I can't get a waffle iron other than Belgian style. :-( I have made the cookies though. ;-)

    4 replies

    Reply 13 days ago

    Try looking for a waffle cone iron,
    We actually found ours at a hardware store😂


    Reply 13 days ago

    Not sure where you are, but I did a search for my local area (Queensland) and found one style at Harvey Norman (they are just an ordinary homemakers style store).


    Reply 13 days ago

    Same here too! I would like to get the right iron pattern and machine


    14 days ago

    These look yummy!! Couple of questions... for the syrup
    235° Fahrenheit is not that hot... does it not need to be too hot as it is already liquid? Just enough to incorporate the butter? Thanks!!

    1 reply

    Reply 13 days ago

    It is actually great if it gets a little more hot because then they are more chewy,
    I like to heat it up to in between 235° and 240°


    17 days ago

    Is Rice Milk required? I'm assuming this is also a substitute to make the recipe dairy free?

    2 replies

    Reply 13 days ago

    Yes it is,
    You can just use water or milk if you prefer.