Dvd Stepper Motor Arduino

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This instructable will show how to control stepper motor taken from DVD-rom

Using Arduino Pro Mini to make pulse to run stepper motor.

What you need is:

1. Stepper motor

2. H-bridge L298N

3. Arduino Pro Mini

Step 1: Stepper Motor

After take motor, soldering cable out at 4 pins of motor. Use your clever hand! It's very small pin.

Step 2: Understand About Stepper Motor

Motor from DVD is kind of bipolar stepper motor

There are 2 coil, called it as A coil and B coil

Pulse implied to coil A and B synchronize will rotate rotor. Detail principle about stepper motor, you can google it.

H-bridge is used to imply pulse to coil A and coil B as pattern on picture (this pattern is taken from another Instructable)

Step 3: Connect Circuit

Connect Arduino to H-bridge, and from H-bridge to motor coil A, coil B

Step 4: Code Works

Code works will imply pulse as pattern on picture

Code for Arduino Pro mini can be found here (Google share link)



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