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I want to present you my battle dwarven costume. I made it for the biggest live action role playing battle in Czech Republic which was inspired by a Hobbit from J.R.R. Tolkien.
It is supposed to be some kind of a guide for people who makes costume of dwarf for some halloween party, larp, etc :)
Because my costume consists of many parts I divided it to many instructables so it isn't so long :)
I will show you how to make most of the parts, but some are so easy or I haven't make an instructable for them or you will just find them at home :)

Well, we'll start from the top:
  • Helmet (or you can use hat if you don't have a helm :) )
  • Beard
  • Padded collar 
  • Padded arming cap. I sewed two woolen hats together and then put them into the linen pocket and sewed it.
  • Tunic
  • Padded coat - I don't have ible for this one, but it's basically two tunics/coats sewed together and padded with wool or something :)
  • Chainmail armor - well, I think that there are a lot of instructables showing how to make one :)
  • Trousers - I don't have instructable for this one either. But I think, if you will use some other pants than jeans, your costume will be okay ;)
  • Shoes - I made some shoe shape from leather and put it over my hiking boots. I also made some sleeves from fur to cover my calves. 
  • Some bag for food
  • Flask for water - I used old military flask and cover it with a sheep fur.
  • Pipe
  • Leather bag 
  • Leather belts
and as a primary weapon I was using:
And that's it!
I hope it was helpful and you like it.
I'll be glad for comments and for constructive criticism what should I improve for next year :)

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3 years ago

Love it!! My friends are having a lord of the rings and I'm going as a dwarf party


Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

Thanks! :) IMHO it's too colorful for a dwarf. I'll improve it for next year! :)


Reply 4 years ago

Is the new beard made with oakum too ?


4 years ago

And make things match a bit more dwarf arre still stylish. :) butt other than that the concept is great!! im doing a dwarf this year ill post mine on here when its done for some more ideas