Dyeing Half and Half Hair

Introduction: Dyeing Half and Half Hair

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Here is a video of when I dyed half of my hair teal and the other half purple. I bleached my hair twice before doing this. This is on my old YouTube channel and my new channel is Forever The Sickest Flower Child. I used Beyond The Zone hair dye, usually around ten dollars per bottle. This is my all time favorite dye. If you have any questions just ask me!

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Step 1: Separate Your Hair Unevenly Down the Middle

Separate your hair down the middle.

I did mine unevenly because I wanted some of the colors to come together instead of being completely separated.

Step 2: Dye Half of Your Head One Color

I started by dyeing one side teal.

Step 3: Now the Other Side

Next, dye the other side of your hair with the other color, I used purple.

Step 4: Let the Dye Sit for 30-45 Minutes

Let the dye sit.

Step 5: Wash It Out

Wash out the dye and style as usual.

Once again, heres the video.

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