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I love decorating Easter eggs. It super fun and something that can be done year round. A couple of years ago I stumbled on a fun way to decorate and dye easter eggs with laser cut border stickers and stick-on body jewelry. The kids loved it too since they got to play with various stickers and food dye.

Step 1: Materials

Here is what you will need:

  • boiled white eggs
  • egg coloring, prepared per instructions provided on box
  • Laser cut border stickers (I found these in various patterns at the dollar store)
  • Stick-on body jewelry (I found these in various patterns at the dollar store. I chose mostly flexible, rhinestone facial stickers.)
  • Scissors
  • Paper towels

Step 2: Getting Started

When dying eggs, especially with stencils, always start with the lightest color you want to use. This can be the egg shell white, or dye the egg in the lightest color you want to start with, usually yellow, orange or lime. Take a laser cut border sticker, measure the circumference of the egg, cut and apply to egg. Press down gently with your fingers on the sticker making sure that all the edges are adhering to the shell. Submerge in desired color.

Step 3: Adding Layers of Color

Now that you have one layer of color done, pat the egg dry with a paper towel. Cut some more shapes out of the laser cut stickers and glue them onto the egg. Dip the egg into a new, darker color. Wait for the dye to set, remove and pat dry.

Step 4: Add Bling

At this point the laser cut stickers used as stencils are ready to be peeled off, revealing the color underneath. Adding the stick-on body jewelry will add shine to your easter eggs. Personally, I prefer the stickers made from small rhinestones that are flexible.

Step 5: Serve in an Easter Basket

These Easter eggs are a fun activity for the family. They are fast enough to make so you can have small children participate and intricate enough for the older kids. Enjoy!



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