Dynamic Solar Shade /// Using Water Bottles




This was an exercise in playing with a specific material and using it to manipulate light and shadow due to the transparent, yet rigid structure of water bottles.

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Step 1: Collect Water Bottles

Step 2: Collect More Water Bottles

Step 3: Collect a Ton of Water Bottles

Step 4: Start Cutting

- You will need a knife or razor blade or box cutter and some industrial scissors.

Step 5: Cut 1.5 Inches From the Top

Step 6: End Up With This; Redo Step 5 for Every Bottle

Step 7: Repeat Until You Have a Lot of Caps

Step 8: Cut Excess Plastic Around Cap

Step 9: End Up With Only the Cap and Threads

Step 10: Repeat Step 9

Step 11: Make 1 Cut on Each Cap

Step 12: Snap 4 Caps to 1 Cap

Step 13: Snap While Maintaining the Pattern

Step 14: Keep Snapping

Step 15: Keep Snapping Until You Get the Desired Size

- This prototype consists of 384 caps (bottles) and measures 14" by 20"

- I imagine this being 8' by 10', consisting of 2,300 caps (bottles) and could be hung above exterior restaurant tables, bus stops, benches, public spaces etc.

Step 16: Light + Shadow Manipulation

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Looks neat! That's a lot of bottles! Do you have any plans for what you'll do with the bottom halves?

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you. Still ideating new forms for the bottom halves, but will update if I come up with anything worthy.


    3 years ago

    Like any chain mail project, it's very labor intensive. I can this as a potential for low level educated individuals could be given employment this way.

    1 reply