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1, Love Confessions of science and technology help --- [rotating LED ball 2.0]

2, the dynamic transmission: Spectrum & Lyrics - Demo --- [rotating LED ball 2.0]

3, Function and Bluetooth connectivity Introduction --- [rotating LED ball 2.0]


Hi! Hello everyone, I am a DIY enthusiast from China. Look instructables on someone else's share brought me a lot of inspiration, and now I have to share with you, if someone like nature is good ~ ~

I do not know English thanks to Google translation ~ ~ If it looks very strange ... that I have no idea ~

Detailed information on the annex, there are Chinese documents of this article. Welcome to give me a message, or send me an e-mail 542731976@qq.com

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Step 1: Show

Hereinafter directory :
(A) shows the principle

(B) pre-conceived

(Iii) the failure of the first sample and summary

(Iv) structure

(E) Hardware

(Vi) Software

(Vii) PC software

(Viii) Extend and Application

(Ix) tool and materials

(J) Reference material

(Xi) Small improvements and new associations

Step 2: (A) Shows the Principle

A row of LED can brush the entire sphere, is because the human eye to see the change in frequency greater than 24 frames per second, it will generate residual shadow (wave of his hand waved ~).

Ball revolutions per second 24 laps, you can display a complete picture. If each circle is a continuous moving image can be displayed in Fig frame animation.

My argument is:

Photo: High 40 (a row of 40 LED) and 128 (ie, 128 parts of spherical points, because 360 ° / 128 = 2.8mm my lamp beads width)

Speed: 34 revolutions per second (1000mS / 34/128 = 0.23mS each column shows the data retention time)

Step 3: (B) Pre-conceived (many Are Naive Romantic, Unrealistic ...)

1, magnetic levitation LED Ball: Because when preparing to do rotation LED, also have to do a play with the idea of magnetic levitation. Then produced the idea of a bunch of garbage, such as: When the suspension can not afford to add propeller ~ Then the LED ball, do not electromagnet control, directly on the permanent magnet, then the LED balls plus 2 small hammer, ~ If the holding position by centrifugal force is not enough, use a water polo ball encapsulated LED (I bought a Christmas ball 16MM buy Shihai big guy), let him floating in the water, can also be converted into a humidifier, let him in the water fog rotation might be a dream it ~ ~

Step 4: (Iii) the Failure of the First Sample and Summary

1, the overall structure:

Description: 3D model is PROE5.0 painting.

[figure 1]

Summary: to see the kind of hands grab sample, because the early symmetry and stability is not very valued, resulting in the addition of a positioning frame also shake the very ...


2, the base and the brush:

Description: The power supply method: 12V DC → converters (motor ass) → AC → rectifier regulator to 5V

[figure 2]

Summary: This is a way to convert the power supply is not good, because the speed of the current instability will lead to lack of ...


3, Bluetooth location - PCB board shape:

Description: Bluetooth Location: did not seriously consider that in the middle is the least impact.

Shape: Want painted like the moon, and later the position of not enough fat points ... also thinking about doing a villain bent to sit on the month counterweight ~~

[figure 3]

Summary: Since Bluetooth module on the center axis, relatively speaking, "always movement." 2.4GHz frequency module is moved in this time as well as fragments, the Doppler effect will produce an electromagnetic wave deformation. One can imagine the communication data error rate testing of 90 +% ...

Shape into a whole so that more pits father ... plus counterweight or a large aluminum work together Tiaodan ... put my programming pin dumped more crooked ...


4, pentagonal base reason:

According to my habit is to go out: stationery, toys, jewelry, hardware and other Like shops around, to see what gadgets DIY buy it back for me Disembowel ... but did not find ~

Buy back later I saw that a bunch of light rails, as well as to control the microcontroller motor, more serious waste of resources - should be doing something more to make them live better!

That painted himself a it! Ah started my favorite work (that is effortless cranky ...) quadrilateral, circled? simple! But ugly - pentagon? Ah, yes, yes, laminated magic, I can go to Taobao Amoy some small glass column, which has a 3D character or crystal or torch or wand - what role placed first layer, the second layer of what place it? . . . And then use the audio control their luminous order, I would like to switch a button control scheme, just speed control MCU also have ADC.

Well, a pass blue sky thinking there is now a base. Along with the pain began, alas ~ these useless things can be useful is to spend more time to adjust only slowly out of tune ah. . . Rookie helpless. . .

[figure 4]

Step 5: (Iv) Structure

1, the overall structure:


①, to learn the lessons of the previous version, this design has become one flesh. Hope will be more stable, but also to avoid a specialized control the speed of microcontroller and transmission gear. Of course, price is the PCB with complicated interface design some trouble, even need to use a cable to connect the socket blocked by wiring.

②, taking into account the counterweight, the assigned LED lights on both sides. For this reason, in the original 32 LED basis plus eight, half of 16 and the other half 24 (3 595 drive eight LED as a group).

③, the Bluetooth module is also possible to move the periphery of the antenna, and opened a hole ~ (Found communication is not moving and almost the same, but far enough away emitting source or influential.)

④, brush also changed, after all, enough space, but also facilitate the process.

[figure 1]

2, column clamp shaft of the motor:

Description: The first is to use the "double axis motor" plus M3 pillars, marked with small screws (for more firmly to the motor shaft wear a little). Pillars beneath the brush to put female brass ring, it is polished and then add heat shrink tubing insulation. But the motor shaft diameter is 2.3mm and M pillars diameter is 3mm, while also adding a thin copper may total less concentric. . .

[figure 2]

Description: The second model aircraft propeller with a folder modification. The way the motor is also changed, because the motor speed is low, so quieter, but also more stable. However, since the shaft is not double-out, also struck the rotor removed. . . No suitable material is available pain ~~~


3, double-shell structure:

Description: Start thinking about the inner sphere for solving the drag, the outer sphere of the shell, but the actual cause internal temperature. So now a shell within a second election.

[figure 3]

Step 6: (E) Hardware

1, schematics:

Description: Function Block: MCU, LED lamps, Bluetooth module, clock and temperature sensors, motor control, frequency spectrum.

[figure 1]

2, PCB:
Description: The 3D model with PROE convert CAD files 2D plane into AD set at plate edges and perforations.

[figure 2]

Step 7: (Vi) Software

1, the tool: Keil.C51. Code Annex, is this my second practice hand items, a bit chaotic, forgive me ~

2, a rough flow chart:

Step 8: (Vii) PC Software

1, the tool: Easy Language:

Description: This is a native programming tools, for I do not know English is a good choice.But use it to write software often it is considered the Trojans, in fact, no ... Do not worry

[figure 1]

2, the interception of picture - image processing:

Description: The "easy language" command: "Capturing screen area" Removing a bitmap, and loaded into the Sketchpad preview display.

[figure 2.1]

Description: To send or export picture data (for the microcontroller's internal data), the need to start threads on image processing for each column.

[figure 2.2]

Description: Here's an area equal to a group of LED (3 74HC595 drive eight lights), the figure of the first column of the first four district is white, under this export graphic data is full 0 (LED is common anode, so 595 output full low, equal to full brightness, RGB three-color full light = white).

[figure 2.3]


3, serial communications:

Description: communication protocol, see the next these standard protocols such as XModem, but did not trouble to understand how to use. I wrote a simple point: the PC to send the format [1 FO (header) 2 (command bit or packet number) 3 ~ 194 (192 byte packets) 195 (and the parity bit)] next crew response: normal, error, timeout, serial number error (when abnormal automatic retransmission x times).

[figure 3]

Step 9: (Viii) Extended the Application

1, the expansion envisaged:

①, structure: customized motors, when the speed is high and stable, you can display richer color the (100 r / S can display 24-bit color) and a plastic center frame, fixed PCB board to simplify the installation, you can also consider on the whole, under the knob mounting shell.

②, hardware: LED lamp with a smaller, 8 or 74HC595 into 24 dedicated chip, and then put: STM32, WIFI module ...

③, software: make WIFI Edition connected to the public network, automatic multi-platform complex control (such as automatically get weather control interface is a network link, the browser opens it is a simple control interface hate myself. install the software too ...)


2, it seems possible applications:
①, simply interactive advertising screen (also crude sentenced customer location Method: chassis mounted four 90-degree body sensors, can determine eight directions)

②, the new electronic household ornaments (available display: clock, globes, custom image or animation, when playing music is dynamic spectrum,,,)

③, public or entertainment chandelier or wall lamp (lamps may be more than one combination, together to complete a substantial pattern or animation,,,)

④, cafe or restaurant ordering system

Step 10: (Ix) Tools and Materials

1, the tool:

Software Tools: Altium Designer painting PCB, Keil.C51 and easy language to write programs, PROE Videos chart, win8 comes Sketchpad painting material. . .

Debugging tools: multimeter, oscilloscope, speedometer (in fact, do not these can be, issued to the same serial communications debugging ~) Processing tools: welding, drilling, filing, grinding, cutting ~


2. Materials:
STC15W4K60S4 * 1, DS1302 * 1, DS18B20 * 1, HD74HC595 * 15, LM358 * 2, * 1 Bluetooth module, the regulator * 2, MOS * 3, three-color LED * 40, a number of resistance capacitance diode transistor. (Electronic materials: about 35 yuan, the motor + PCB board + other about 10 yuan)

Step 11: (J) Reference Material

①, go-gddq: Website: http: //www.go-gddq.com/html/s591/2014-12/1302534p2.htm

②, amobbs: 26 Floor "polarbear" wonderful response. Website: http: //www.amobbs.com/thread-985613-1-1.html

③, three British excellence in science and technology development company: color rotating screen tutorial V1.00

Step 12: (Xi) Small Improvements and New Associations

1. Small improvements:

①, in order to be more stable, the motor is mounted to the center (eliminating the base, hanging become available, reducing the control chip and transmission structure)

②, since the new structure, the speed encoder fixed (beginning to think it is troublesome, and later became a powerful resource because the discovery of the original code disc 16 regions, divided evenly by 256 breakpoint after algorithm can solve: Display position, display columns, display drift, drift direction (see software flowchart))

③, the encoder disk to solve the problem of the zero position, the left tube made of infrared touch buttons (by combining code disk sectors or breakpoints, you can track the entire ring can be achieved with a corresponding region of the infrared tube button response (here one rotation is divided 16 keypads))

④, through the host computer in real time to take pictures, to achieve a simple animation.

⑤, op Zoom in by inductive coupling, can achieve single audio spectrum display (only set aside, should not be a problem ~ ~)

⑥, the next crew of the key user interface - Interactive confession mode ~


2 .Association
①Light source -LED high-speed mobile, can produce images. If the light source is fixed, observers move on their own, such as highway, subway, train environment. Is not able to produce low-cost road signs? [First measure the moving speed of the vehicle, and then adjust the display frequency according to the speed(When the vehicle passes through a predetermined display area, the frequency of the LED is in accordance with the speed of travel. So the vehicle can see a complete image)]

[figure 1]

②You can also make a hydrogen balloon, let it fly to the sky. Will be a gorgeous man-made moon, so I can see the fly to the moon Chang'e! ~ ~

[figure 2]

Step 13:

Thank you for your time!

If you are interested in doing this project, you can talk about your ideas and progress.~~

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