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Introduction: Dynamite Candle Holder

About: Hi, my name is Britt Michelsen, I'm a Chemical Engineer especially interested in Computational Fluid Dynamics. To balance all the theoretical work I like to make stuff in my free time.

In this instructable I'm going to show you how to make a candle holder for tealights, that looks like a dynamite stick.

Just in case you are wondering, dynamite and TNT are not the same thing. It's a common misconception, that is just plain wrong. Dynamite was invented in 1867 by the Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel, while TNT was invented in 1863 by the German chemist Joseph Wilbrand. Whilst Dynamite is simply nitroglycerin in a more convenient form, TNT is Trinitrotoluene, so the two are two totally different chemical compounds. The stuff formed into short sticks and wrapped in paper is actually dynamit, not TNT... From now on should somebody sing "Cause I'm T.N.T., I'm dynamite" or should you see a TNT stick shown in a cartoon, you will know better.

Now that I got that off my chest ;-) let's go back to the project. The idea is not new, I've seen a "TNT" candle as part of the Red Dead Redemption merchandise and after searching a bit I found a version very similar to the one I had in mind at Meninos. What bothered me about it though, other than of course it saying "TNT" on it was the shiny finish. So I decided to make my own version.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

  • Wooden pole (Ø 42 mm; at least 60 cm long)
  • Tea lights (preferably black)
  • Red and black paint, paint brush
  • (Primer)
  • Sanding Paper
  • Black tape
  • Masking tape

  • Drill (a vice is certainly helpful)
  • Forstner drill bit (38mm)
  • Saw

Step 2:

Start by cutting the pole to the length you would like your sticks to be. Mine are 21 cm. I taped them together to make sure that they were all the same length and sanded them that way.

To make sure that your holes are perfectly centred, you will have to find the middle of each stick. Make sure to be thorough, since there is not much clearance. Start by drawing a line across the circle, as shown in the second picture of this step. Find its centre and draw a second line perpendicular to the first one, as shown in the third picture. Repeat this process, to get a better result. If you did get what I was trying to explain, here is a whole instructable on how to find the centre of a circle.

Since I my drill press wasn't strong enough to drill into the pole, I had to use a vice and my normal drill. Thankfully this worked rather well. The 38 mm hole will be a very tight fit, because the tea lights have a diameter of 38 mm. So you will probably have to widen it a bit with sanding paper, or a Dremel, should you have one.

Step 3:

Though priming the pieces is optional, you should do so to get a better result. As you can see, I started with spraying the top black. I didn't bother using masking tape, because I didn't wanted the end result to look perfect.
Afterwards I painted the sticks red and tried not to cover the black entirely, to give them a kind of a dirty look.

I chose this font to write "Dynamit" (which is Swedish and German for dynamite), and cut the letters out of masking tape. Then I spray painted them black.

Before using the black tape, I used the masking tape to hold the sticks together, as shown in the last picture. This will allow you, to work more precise.

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    Thanks! I'm kinda a beginner with stencils.

    How exactly did u cut the stencil out on the masking tape ?

    1 reply

    I stuck it to a thin plastic film and used a box cutter to cut out the letters (I traced the lines through a paper with a pencil, so that I could see where I had to cut). Afterwards I transferred it to the wood.

    Nice! Great gift to make for a survivalist, anarchist, menanite,...
    Really though, creative and easy. Great! :)

    You really have some great instructables! keep it up. i love quality projects pushes me to step my game up.

    1 reply

    You should make your own candles for this, and add magnesium filings to the wax so the candle will spark.

    1 reply

    Great idea!
    I know its insane but, it makes me feel uneasy. I feel like its about to blow up! stupid i know. Am i the only one?

    2 replies

    I thought you would get some metal tubes and put wax in it with a wick and spray paint it. Cool though ^_^

    HAHA!! Awesome! This is the coolest idea I've seen this week :D
    good thinking

    Right on. I was expecting a PVC pipe or something full of wax but fostner drilled dowels? Man, you got moxie!!

    [Digital High-5!]

    Hi, it got accepted after all. It would be awesome, if you would still be willing to vote for me! Thanks for your support!

    Already did a couple days ago, just noticed the new comment though. Meant what I said though, I like it and voted for it.