Introduction: E-DoorMat

For a dumb it is difficult to express his ideas through his words, for a blind it is impossible to see and recognize the buttons in panel. With help technology disable can interact with public facility used daily quite easily.The basic the idea is to connect disable's people’s smartphone with various common facilities like elevator, train, buses, departmental stores, ATM machines etc in one tap and therefore transfer all the required data for operation.Let it be any kind of disability smartphone is accessible using voice recognition,image processing ,android talkback features.This brought me up with an idea of e-DoorMat.I am still working on prototype of this idea therefore i would like hear some suggestion.

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Step 1: Channel


  • Intel Edison
  • NFC transceiver module-like ST95HF
  • Rechargeable battery source-4.5V

Working:Channel is the connecting pathway between the e-doormat and the user’s smartphone. For that I have placed NFC transceiver in one of the boot of disabled or in case of crippled in their wheel chair base.NFC module ST95HF will connect to the Intel Edison board through SPI port and will perform NFC based Bluetooth/WiFi pairing action or peer to peer connection.The Edison board will transmit information to the smartphone via inbuilt Bluetooth.

Step 2: E-DoorMat

It is basically a strip of multiple NFC chips aligned in a desired order.These will be placed in on the entrance of service which the user will be using like inside taxi, elevators ,next to metro entrance.They are divided in two categories on the basis of use:

  • Passive Mat
  • Active Mat

Passive Mat:It consist of multiple NFC tags aligned in straight line mostly 8- 10 tags/meter.These tags will initiate NFC based pairing.These will be placed on the entrance of the elevators, taxi or in restaurant entrance.While using this mat we have install a Wireless module as input in the system.

Active Mat:These mat will consist of a NFC transceiver of its own which will be connected to the public facility as input.This mat can be placed on floor of ATM machines,or metro entrance etc.These may be used for NFC payment exactly as it is done using phone.

A mobile application will take input from the user in advance and execute them in time of need.Application could understand the daily habits of user, can interact with things around and can further work more efficiently.

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    It's an interesting idea. However, please watch your language. I believe it's been done in ignorance, but some of the words and phrases you've used are unbelievably offensive and unpleasant.

    "a dumb" = person without speech

    "a blind" = visually impaired person, blind person

    "a disable" = disabled person, person with a disability

    "a cripple" = wheelchair user, person using a wheelchair.

    I know it seems like nitpicking, but the words we use to express ourselves shape our thoughts and our attitudes as well as those of the people to whom we're speaking and who are around us. It's a small change, not a difficult one, but as a disabled person, wheelchair user, and someone who has speech difficulties, I think I'm qualified to say that it makes a real difference. If I go into a cafe and one of the staff refers to me as a cripple, there's going to be a stand-up row and I may well end up calling the police and reporting it as a hate incident. If I'm on the bus and the driver refers to me as a wheelchair, I'm going to make the point, as firmly as I have to, that he wouldn't appreciate me calling him a bus just because he's sat in one.

    The world can be a really unfriendly, unwelcoming place to a disabled person. Small changes like using neutral language can make a huge, huge difference.

    Once again, that's a great idea and I hope you'll take this in the spirit that it's meant.

    I love the thought process behind this build, and you did an awesome job explaining how the device would work. If you decide to build it we at instructables would love to see the photos of your final product, and whatever in progress pictures you could have. Welcome to instructables!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank You! I'll surely do that too soon.