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E-Funnel is an IOT based comprehensive vehicle fuel monitoring system. The device accurately tracks the fuel transactions/exchanges taking place within the vehicle. The record of these transactions are kept on a secure web platform which processes the information to provide a better understanding of the users fuel demands. This helps the user identify fuel theft occurring during refills and otherwise.

Features offered by our device:

  • A hassle free alternative to anti-siphon device
  • High accuracy services ,scheduling immediate alert in cases of fuel theft
  • Cross-device tracking and easy to use UI Idea.

In the age of rapidly increasing fuel demands, declining environmental sustainability is a great issue. Therefore, reduction of carbon footprint takes higher priority. The project is aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of petroleum by managing the fuel demands of heavy machinery. This has a long range of applications, starting from automobiles to generators and DG sets.

Step 1: Parts Needed:-

1) Nodemcu

2) Hall Effect Flow Sensor(YF-S201)

3) 16*2 LCD

Step 2: Connections:-

Connect the devices as shown above ground it and connect power supply.

Step 3: Upload the Sketch



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