Introduction: E-Match

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Another Electronic Match instructable,i know there are others but always nice for reference.
Besides these are quite powerful considering.

Video Will be posted First as its pretty cool,followed by what parts i used and how to make it.
Takes a few seconds to build up enough heat but when it do it really go's.


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Step 1: Parts Needed.

Not to many parts needed simple to construct and so far reliable.

Steel Wool/Wire Wool (Type used for metal cleaning,and cleaning barbecue grills)

Two Different Colors of Wire (Optional one color will do)

Super Glue. (The flammable kind,most are)

Matches. (Crushed and dusted into a fine powder)

A battery,and optional switch (i used for coolness)

Step 2: Construction.

First just take your wire wool strands and pull them a little some parts are brittle and break others don't use the slightly stronger pieces and set aside a few.

Now cut your desired amount of wires and twist into shape,see picture,fray the ends of one end of the wires on one side,break apart carefully this is where the wire wool will be inserted.

Fiddly part but once you get the hang of it try with 2 or 3 then make a bunch of them...Thread the wire wool into one end of the wire,and twist the wire slowly to hold the tiny filament of wire wool in place,now twist very slowly any excess around the wire,and repeat to the other wire opposite,lastly bend the wires down against the rubber sheath of the wire itself,pull apart very very slightly to create more of a gap in the wire.

Last part now,take your match dust and super glue,extremely sparingly apply the super glue to the filament of wire wool and the wire itself but not so much the wire more the tiny piece of metal,sometimes better to dip in a drop of supe glue and then dip into the match dust,repeat until the filament is totally covered not to thick a layer just enough will do..and your done.

Attach your power source and watch it blow....

(buying somewhat expensive e-matches soon became prohibitive to me until i started using these,easy to make and almost costless to make a huge amount if desired)

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