E Waste Component Earrings

Introduction: E Waste Component Earrings

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Recycled electronic component earrings made with resistors


12 resistors (6 for each earring) 2 earring hooks

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Step 1:

You will need 12 resistors and a skewer to wrap the wires into loops
You will also need an earring hook if you are using old resistors which may contain lead

Step 2:

Wrap each resistor wire around a skewer till you have 10 in total

Step 3:

Join 5 together end to end and form into a circle

Step 4:

Using the extra resistor, wrap it under skewer and join the circle of resistors by wrapping till its secured

Step 5:

Attach an earring hook to end of resistor by wrapping it through

Step 6:

Your done

Step 7: Alternative Designs

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    5 Discussions


    23 days ago

    Yumm Lead Poisoning


    4 weeks ago

    these look very very cool, I love the idea of them immensely!

    however, as much as i don't want to be "that guy", you might want to consider using actual jewellery findings for the bit that goes in to you, the legs on those things are all manner of nickle and tin and on very old resistors might even be lead, it depends when and where they were made but non of the usual metals are body safe.


    Reply 4 weeks ago

    Thanks mate. Will add hooks


    4 weeks ago

    Instead of 10 Ohms if you had used 1 K's it would have been a 12K earring set. Resistors are always lying around. Great work! You have my vote.


    4 weeks ago

    Nice way to recycle components if you're not going to use them.