E-Z Rope Flogger




As already stated, this is a home made rope flogger.
If your wondering what a flogger is... I say make it with a partner and see what wonderful magic happens!

Or you can see my Blog for more info...(Warning!!!!! THIS IS AN ADULT SITE ABOUT ALT LIFE STYLE PLEASE ENTER WITH CAUTION )


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Step 1: What You Need...


1.  50 foot of your Favorite kind of rope. (I used a Clothing line From a 99.cent store)

2. An O ring:: this is Optional i got this from home Depot. come in packs of 2 and cost about 3-4 bux
  if not use some rope. or something cool around the house...

3. Scissors

Step 2: Getting Started...

1. Start by unraveling the rope till you have about 5 to 6 feet loose from your rope bundle... 

2. chop it off!!!

3. save it and put it to the Side

Step 3: Moving Along

1.Unravel the rest of your rope and get rid of any knots...

2.find the end of your rope and start passing it though to make even loops keep in mind you want to leave room for the handle...

Step 4: The Handle

Take One please of rope from your hand and just make a tight wrap around the base this will make it ez er to work with. and don't cut it off we are going to use it later...

Step 5: The Lonely Rope

Let's grab that lonely piece of rope that we cut off before and start making the handle...
use any kind of knot that makes you happy. i kinda like something with a grip...

Step 6: The Other Loney Rope

Just take the rope and wrap it around the ring over and over till you consume the entire ring then make a knot and cut off and you are done!!! 



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4 years ago on Step 6

Thanks for the instructions - - it was a very good first project!!


7 years ago on Introduction

I have made about 6 of these just for fun. It's quick, easy, and fun. If you like tying knots. I use them to keep stray animals away from the house. I DON'T HIT THEM. Just swing it through the air and frighten them away. I recommend tying a blood knot on the ends of the falls. Gives great weight to the swing.


7 years ago on Introduction

Nice instructable. Who says it has to be an "adult" instructable. It could be a very nice cheap way to make some film props. Props for a rennaisance fair....etc.
Sometimes peoples minds need to think "outside the box" of only adult toys.
Thanks for making this.


8 years ago on Step 6

This is exactly what i was looking for! although i might think of adding some kind of dowel down the center of the handle for added sturdiness.


9 years ago on Introduction

I'm all for adults doing what they want in the privacy of their own home and what not, but this is a family site.  The instructable is cool, but the link to your blog is not really appropriate, I think.  I know I wouldn't want my 11 year old stumbling across it.

Again, this isn't a thing about what is right and wrong for adults.  It's about kids being on the site.

10 replies

Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

While I'm sure others have responded to your post in regards to the Flogger however, since I am here for this instructable specifically, I don't feel it necessary to read the rest. I have wanted to make a whip of similiar design (but of leather untill reading this) for a couple of years. For the record, I am a decent young (27 years) man with only positive, consentual, recreational uses of such a device. Be them sexual, or not, is irrelevant to you or any other readers. While I don't speak for other users or on behalf of the site, its custodians or this instructables author, I strongly disagree with all you have too say. EVERYTHING. Firstly where does this site state it is for family enjoyment purposes? I don't have one. Secondly, since this is an all-access site geared to no specific sub-population, its content reflects appropriately just that. The content in this submission has one detrimental point to my case and that is the advertisement of the submitters personal website. On that note, I will be reporting this as a violation to the site administrators. Regardless, the internet, with its vast amounts of information, is not a tool of which does not require mentorship, training, education and MOST CERTAINLY NOT CENSORSHIP. Should you so choose to allow your children to access this wonderous resource without due chaparoning, that is your choice and I choose to respect your choices. If you haven't noticed, the wide-eyed curious youngsters of today have little interest in this sort of thing due to media influences and social pressures. I prefer the policy of education rather than disassociation. The end result can produce a well rounded being rather than an unwise fool. Some of the sickest people I've known have come from families of sheltered bliss and closeted comfort. Judge not yest ye be judge good sir. While the world can be a harsh place, it's also the most beautiful and surreal in the galaxy. Show them what you need too and the world will show them what it does. Keep the shelters for the homeless. Kids are intelligent and even more adaptable to todays world than you yourself are. I hope you have a wonderful 2010 Winter Solstice


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

I think you misunderstood what I was saying. I have no problem with what you do in the privacy of your house. If you're into this, and you enjoy it, good for you.

This site, however, is not geared towards adults only, and a good part of the population of this site is young teens. In my opinion, this type of post doesn't belong on a website with a mix of adults and "pre-adults." You wouldn't, for instance, advertise an adult magazine on the Disney Channel. I view it as the same thing..

That being said, I marked this as inappropriate almost a year ago, and it's still here. So, the community, or at least it's moderators, must think it's OK. I've stated my opinion, and I'm fine with the final outcome.

PS: I don't actively monitor my kids activity on the Internet because I have setup a content scanning proxy server their web traffic goes through, and it filters out the stuff they shouldn't see. Some day I'll have to come up with a better plan when the figure out things like portable software and live Linux CDs. But I'm safe from that for now.


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

You used a pretty horrible metaphor for your case. As RadicalJad stated, this site has no target audience. So comparing it to Disney Channel is a poor metaphor because Disney Channel has a taget audience. I am 15 myself and was looking around here and am perfectly fine with this. I would actually like to know how to make something like this in the future. I know that you have a certain safety for your kids and want what is best for them, but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't at least know what this is for. Also, my understanding is, is that kids have an insatiable curiosity. So if you try to make it forbidden then they will keep wondering, "Why isn't my parent letting me see this? I wonder what could be so bad about this that they don't me to know what it means." The forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest. That is why kids have sex at a younger age, because it is forbidden, because they know they aren't supposed to do it. If I had kids I would want to shield them from the really nasty things until they are old enough to handle them, but I would let them fuel their curiosity.


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

my parents never sheltered me from anything sex related they talked to me about it from a young age and i came out a fully functioning member of society who can have healthy relationships if you are worried about your children and sex talk to them about it because they will find out about it one way or another.


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

Hey! Eleven year olds might have an obnoxious younger sibling that could use an attitude adjustment. This would be perfect for that.

A warning isn't really enough. If you say "my blog" it's an easy job to find it, if a person wants to. Having been there looked at recent stuff (and thought, that looks like me!) - no way should you be posting a link to that sort of content here.


Thanks for that.  Like I said, I don't have a problem with the site, or the lifestyle, just the link in front of minors.


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

It is not inappropriate for children to see or know about those projects, and they can only attempt them with their family's knowledge.

The blog link, however, contains material which is inappropriate for minors to see.

This site is known for its family-and school-friendly content.  I know a number of teachers (including me) who use projects from this site in their lessons, or who direct their pupils to the site as a resource.  Imagine the consequences for those staff if parents found their children's teacher had directed their child to look at NSFW materials!


9 years ago on Introduction

don't forget to melt the ends so they don't fray. and if you're feeling adventurous, you can put small weights of beads on the ends ;)

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