E-cig Clearomizer Holder




Introduction: E-cig Clearomizer Holder

Do you feel like you need 3 hands to fill your clearomizer? I did, so I built a clearomizer stand! I built it at Techshop!


Plastic was the chosen material, as I wanted to wipe up the e-liquid if and when it spills. I also wanted it low enough so I could see the window on the clearomizer as I fill it up.

Step 1: Design and Cut and Post Process.

I drew the file in Corel Draw.

Laser cut the pieces with the protective sheet on. Laser cutting gives you a nice clean edge to "weld" the pieces on later.

Peel off the protective sheets.

Step 2: Jig and Glue

I put all the pieces together temporarily using bits of masking tape.

Acrylic Cement was used to join the materials together.

Put some acrylic cement into the applicator bottle. When your ready to join two edges together, squeeze the bottle first to let air out. Then turn the bottle upside down and let the air out. This stops the liquid from dropping everywhere else but the joints.

Squeeze the bottle gently to the joints. A little bit goes a long way.

After all the edges are joined, You are pretty much finished! You can handle the parts after a few minutes. It will fully cure after 24-72 hours.

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