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Im Moving to a new appartment (01.02.14) we just bought me and my girlfriend (Louise). So i wanted to like do a collection with all kinda cool shit we could build there. like always i fall over all there is so i hope other people than me can use this :)
(My first real upload so if i violate every rule there is plz tell me and i will get it corrected)
Loui & Hell

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Step 1: Module Shelves

If you think you have something i just would go crazy about dont hesitate to txt me Nothing like input.

Step 2: Sunk in Book Shelves

Step 3: Sitting & Storage Module

Step 4: Module Shelves

Step 5: Tipped Back Storage

Step 6: Sunk in Book Table

Step 7: Diamond

Step 8: Corner Picture Frame

Step 9: Chord Shelves

Step 10: Nice Beyond

Step 11:

Step 12:

Step 13: Paper Wall Designs

Step 14: Geometric Lamps

Diamonds can also be a man's best friend

Step 15: Geometric Shapes

Step 16: Origami Diamond's Templets

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