E3d V6 Rostock Max V2 Mount With Part Cooling

Rostock max v2 E3D V6 print head mount with powerful part cooling.

It holds the e3d v6 very firmly and the cooling is very effective.

No Z height is lost with this mount.

Step 1: Get the Parts

Download part from Thingiverse


Step 2: Print and Assemble

Print using PLA, slic3r set to 0.3mm layer height, 3 perimeters and about 25% infill. The fan adapters can be printed as shell only.

M2.5x14 screws and nylocks are used to mount it to the effector platform. The top and bottom part of the mount are connected with M2.5x8 screws. The fan adapters are designed for 50x15mm blower fans. Set your fan speed in slic3r / cura to max 50%, otherwise the airflow is too strong for the nozzle to keep up with cooling.



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    Reply 2 years ago

    Hi, it is used for cooling the filament as it gets extruded from the hot-end of the 3d printer. The filament is heated to a high temperature, usually above 200 degrees Celsius so that it melts and can be extruded. And then needs to be cooled down to avoid imperfections in print. You can either print slow and let it cool by it self, or use something like this to make it cool and print faster.