E4D Pen and Pencil Holder

Introduction: E4D Pen and Pencil Holder

This project created by guruprasad and sathish .

We make this project in banjarapalya E4d maker space.


1.news paper


3.Water bottle

4.Fe-vi stick


6.Box cutter

7.Hot Glue


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Step 1: Cut the Bottle

Take a bottle and cut the center of the bottle body.

Step 2: Prepar the Body

teke a bottle and newspaper and cover body.

Step 3: Make Holders

Take a news paper and make it like long straw.

Step 4: Fix the Holders to the Body

After that take the holders and main body and stick it with the help of Hot glue.

Step 5: Finally Your Pencil and Pen Holder Is Ready to Use

Use it in your kids room.

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