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This is a hopper-fueled, and attractive, knex gun. The reason it uses a hopper over a magazine is decreased jamming. The range of this gun is staggering, but with my rather large rubberbands is clearly the most powerful gun I have ever made. I estimate ranges that rival the best Knex snipers out there. Why is this gun innovative? A clean design, a new hopper design, and very sturdy construction. Originially designed to have a second firing pin directly under the first, the idea was scrapped and converted into a more sturdy sturcture.

This gun boasts a truly impressive hopper. It snaps into place by a yellow rod and a snowflake conector. The folded over orange connectors are then secured in the grey connectors by the insertion of white rods.

Finally, why make this gun? It has somewhat shoddy instructions, but is altogether worth it. It is a simple, effective, and powerful design.

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Step 1: The Pieces

These are the pieces used in the gun.

Step 2: The Handles

These are two KILLERK handles. Do not get angry because I utilize them, they are an excellent design. The one has a green rod on it because that is where the trigger rubberband will connect.

Step 3: The Front

This is what gives the gun its distinctive look. It is rather easy to make from the pictures.

Step 4: The Main Section

Do not be intimidated by this step. It is really quite a simple design that you just need to calm down and look at. I suggest making the bottom first, then adding the top with the hopper. The Hopper itself is innovative in that it "clicks" into place by the one yellow rod connection to the white snowflake by the side and connecting it.

The hopper works by folding over the orange connectors and securing them by sliding white pieces through the grey connectors.

1. Loaded Hopper. Gives good impression of what is done on top half of gun.
2. Side view of hopper that also shows trigger and bottom portion of gun. Notice tan connectors in front of the hopper, which will later be used to secure rubberbands.
3. Side view again, showing connected handles.
4. Opposite side view
5. View of the back of the gun. Edit this aroudn for best looks.
6. Blurry close up of trigger that also shows hopper's construction
7. Loaded, but not closed, hopper.

Step 5: Final Rubberbands, Loading, and Firing.

The rubberbands used on this gun should be large. It can carry a lot of rubberband power because of its sturdy build, shown in the first picture. The second picture shows a top view of the gun.

The third picture is the attatched trigger rubberband.

For the firing rubberbands, attatch them on the previously mentioned tan connectors and bring them around to the firing pin.

Note: Make a firing pin of your choice. However, mine works well.

The fourth picture is a primed-and-ready gun ready to release its 6-shot hopper.



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    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    right, well, seeing as all your guns go by the same firing system, I would call yours copies as well.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I beg to differ. None of my guns use the same trigger as yours, which happens to be a copy.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    right, well, you're right and you're the best k'nex builder ever to exist in the world and you have never copied one element ever. and I just suck. you caught me.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    right, well, seeing as you are taking my comment completely out of context, as I never said I was better than, you, nor that I was the best.

    An Villain

    10 years ago on Step 2

    they are not really even Killerk handles, Killerk used yellow rods instead of green.


    11 years ago on Step 1

    may i ask, where did you obtain such redonkulus rubberbands? what method did you procure them by? cash or credit?

    2 replies