EASY!!! Bow and Arrow. Les Then $2.




This is the easy bow and arrow i made takes 5 min or less.

Step 1: What Materials You Will Need and Putting the Rubber Bands On.

You will need a pen( preferably a pen with a blunt cap and end so you can put the rubber bands on), a pen ink cartridge, a piece of holow pen and 2 rubber bands.

Take the first rubber band and put in on in this fashion with each end hoking on the blunt ends of the pen. Then take the second Rubber band and put it on in the same fashion but opposite of it so the rubber bands are like an X.

Step 2: Shooting the Bow!

You insert the holow peice of pen into the rubber band thats on the insde of the X ( described in previous step) and put the cartridge in the holow piece of pen.

There are many ways of firing(play around with it) so post if you find a good way to fire it. If fired properly it can go over 20+ feet and 1 inch of cardboard!



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