EASY 3D SCANNER (photogrammetry)




Introduction: EASY 3D SCANNER (photogrammetry)

hi scanner&printer dudes!

since it was very complicated to get decent 3D scanning with a turntable using photogrammety
i decided to try something else : rotating the camera around the scanned object

so i made a rotating arm supporting the camera on a bent square aluminium tube
the plateform remains motionless is screwed on the arm axis

i used a 360° servo and a servo tester to adjust speed
i may need a bigger pulley ratio or an additional gear stage to slower it

i printed some parts to make the thing doable in a single day
i'm gonna try it with 123CATCH very soon

parts list

servo 360°

servo tester to setup speed and lipo 3s

M5 50mm screw axis

M4 screw + nut (camera mount)

2 16x5 mm bearings

8mm square tubing (alu) 60 cm

2 pieces of wood

rubber belt

1 90° piece of aluminium

it may be cool to add a printed paper on the plateform later to separate it from the ground

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    3 years ago

    nice idea, thanks for sharing, I might have missed something but how do you fire the camera?