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Hi everyone!

In this ible I'll show you how to make an easy and very cheap Pole Mount for any kind of Camera. I decided to use an extendable pole whose length can be set from 75cm to 150cm.

Two weeks ago I realized this mount (photo#2) to put on the seatpost in order to film from a cool point of view.
Since the extendable pole that we are going to use in this ible it's obviously a tube too (like the seatpost tube), I used that mount. I removed it from the seatpost and I secured it on the pole changing the two original screws with two small bolts and nuts in order to make it sturdier.

NOTE: If you have never watched my "EASY Bike Seatpost Mount" ible, please click here to understand better the few steps needed to built this mount.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


- extendable pole (1$)

- tripod mount adapter

- 1/4" screw (I took and cut this one)

- universal 1/4" Mini Tripod Mount Adapter (If you don't own a GoPro and you are going to use a normal camera, you need this adapter)

- cheap bicycle bell (1$)

- little piece of bicycle tire

- two nuts and two bolts


- screwdriver

Step 2: The Mount

As I said you in the intro, you can click here to understand better the building of this mount.

It's way way easier than you think! ;)

I simply dismounted the bike bell keeping only the flat base (photo#4), I drilled a hole in the center and then I inserted the cut 1/4'' screw, his couple of nuts, a rubber gasket (taken from a beer) to fill the gap, and finally the tripod mount adapter and the universal 1/4" mini tripod mount adapter.

GoPro tip: If you have a GoPro don't worry! You just need to assemble it in the same way, mounting your GoPro case directly to the tripod mount adapter without the universal 1/4" screw.

Step 3: Secure It on Your Pole

After the building, you will just have to secure it on the pole.

I decided to change the two original screws with two small bolts and nuts to make it more sturdy and, in order to prevent the slipping of the mount from the pole, I also added a small piece of bicycle tire on its end before attach the mount.

Once you've screwed all as tight as possible, you can mount on your camera.

Step 4: Finish!! Go Out and Have Fun

As promised, in about 10 minutes you can build your cheap, extendable and universal pole mount.

Since this is an universal mount it's a very useful project. Infact you can screw on any kind of camera! A compact camera, an action one, and even a GoPro.

As you can see in photos I prefer to set the pole about 100cm long.

Thank you for reading my Instructable. ;)
Feel free to comment and ask if you need to know something!




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    31 Discussions

    C NickO

    3 years ago on Introduction

    can't find extendable pole for under $20. not in market, hardware store and also online.

    1 reply

    4 years ago on Introduction

    Added your project to my FotoTrix collection

    What was the source of your extendable pole? What is the pole normally used for?

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    thanks! it comes from a sweep. (it's normally used to clean the floor from the dust)