ok this is pretty basic i havent got any photos as i made it ages ago and ive just had my dinner! im hoping you wont need pictures anyway its not that exciting!

ok get a large coke bottle cut remove the cap you wont need this

measure about 5 inches from the mouth piece towards the bottom and cut around it
then turn mouthpiece facing inwards so it acts as a one way valve

ok cant be bothered to explain it ive made a little diagram!



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    Gottit...same principle as bamboo fish traps, fish are funnelled in and they can't find their way out because the opening is small. http://www.maltwood.uvic.ca/society/images/U992.23.54A-B.jpg

    I'd like to know 2 things:
    1. How well does this work? Does it really catch fish?
    2. It took me all of 3 minutes to make a sketch of what I think you're talking about in Paint. How come you're so lazy?

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    Just wanted to apologize to Markryder for that last sentence, I shouldn't be rude to strangers. (would have deleted it but can't figure out how to edit posts)

    If this is the same principle as Asian bamboo fish traps it's more based on making it hard for the fish to find their way out. I think they can be used in still water as well as running...although what do I know, my home in Malaysia is in the suburbs not a village in the jungle =D

    Page on Thai fish traps...see #5 "Lob". http://www.moe.go.th/index-cratf/fishing.htm

    I agree... we should try to be nice here.

    I think if this idea were on a larger scale (don't know what you'd use for the bottle that's big enough) it could be used to catch larger fish. I don't know about you, but I'm interested in catching fish to EAT!

    Would you need tiny holes in the bottom of the bottle as well, in order for the flow of water to funnel the fish into the bottle? Perhaps I'm just misinterpreting the concept. Is the aim to push the fish into the bottle using the flow of the stream or just to make it hard for them to find an exit hole once they swim in themselves? Either way, thanks for the image and clarification.

    you should put some small pebbles in the bottom to prevent this from being washed downstream and to keep it on the bottom of the stream, when i did it i also tied it to a stick i had pushed into the banking as the water was pretty fast-flowing.

    You could create a ring of short bamboo skewers around the neck of the bottle, that is loosley attached. This will allow the fish to squeeze through, but not be able to leave.

    hi im going fishing\hunting and this is a good cheap idea for catching bait fish, thanks champ


    12 years ago

    this kind of trap works great at least the mesh ones do. You dont need flowing water to draw the fish in because you p[ut a piece of bait in the middle and they come in for that

    I use to have a trap similar to this, except there was a funnel at both ends and it was made of steel mesh. The fish would swim in and not be able to find the hole to get out. I was using it in a river.