This is incredibly easy and cheap to make! 

MATERIALS: A METAL cap of some sort of bottle. I used a Starbucks coffee frappuccino cap.

You can get this from Walmart, Target, Publix, and i think Kroger. They also sell these sorts of things in little refrigerators near checkout lanes in various stores. NOTE: when you open the drink the 1st time, the metal cap should pop up, this is how the sound works Once you drink the beverage, keep the, once again, METAL cap. Take the metal cap with you when you are filming.

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Step 1: How to Use

TO USE: place cap DIRECTLY NEXT to the video recorder's sound receiver and push the middle of the cap, where the name of the drink is, and press FIRMLY AND ALL IT WILL GO DOWN, then release. make sure when you push, you push the side with the popped up part of the drink. It isn't that loud, so the scene should be a quieter scene. You can also use a microphone thing coaches use to talk to their team sometimes on the field.

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