EASY Minecraft Cannon


Introduction: EASY Minecraft Cannon

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This is a super duper easy cannon for Minecraft PE

You will need:
• Obsidian
• Ladder
• Bucket of water
• Flint and steel

NO redstone needed

Step 1: Make a "U" Shape

Step 2: Dig and Place 2 Obsidian Blocks in Front

Step 3: Fill in the Digged Hole With Obsidian

Step 4: Add a Ladder

Step 5: Place TNT

Make sure u leave one space in between as shown in the picture!!

Very important!!!!!

Step 6: Put Water in the Hole


Explode both TNTs at the SAME TIME!

If you want farther explosions make a longer cannon!

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    Nice so u want to have two players so u can do it at the same time

    1 reply

    11 months ago


    Or you could NOT use obsidian and place the water at the BACK and then place a tnt in the water and place another tnt in the place shown, then light the botton one and wait for it to almost explode then light the other one.

    Tnt does not explode when placed in water.