EASY ONE POT Rice Cooker COOKING: Rice,Quinoa, Veggies - Gluten Free and Vegan




Here's a quick easy way to cook your grains and veggies together for a delicious one pot dish.  I used grains I love and veggies, condiments, and with one flick of the rice cooker switch, made it fast and tasty.

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 - A Rice Cooker, Tri-color Quinoa (or just plain Quinoa), Long Grain Rice (like Basmati or Jasmine), some Kale, a carrot, minced onion (dehydrated), garlic salt

Step 2: ADD Grains

Add to rice cooker:  2 cups rice and 1 cup Quinoa

Step 3: WASH

Wash the rice and quinoa ( swish the grains around in the pot filled with water - you want to wash it so the water becomes less cloudy and more clear), drain, wash again and drain.


Add the appropriate amount of water for 3 cups of rice in the rice cooker.  ALT suggestion: ***instead of just water, you could add veggie broth***


Peel the carrot and dice it.  Wash the kale, remove the spine and chop it.


Add the veggies to the grains already in the rice cooker.

Step 7: ADD Onions, Garlic Salt

Add 3/4 tsp.- 1 1/2 tsp  minced onions, add garlic salt to taste and stir.

Step 8: COOK

Put the cover on the rice cooker and flip the "on" switch

Step 9: DONE!

In about 45 minutes you will have a grain and veggie dish, steaming hot.

Step 10: SERVE

Serve it up...  on the side, I served tempeh sticks and sliced avocado. YUM....

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    I think a rice cooker is a good investment in kitchen equipment. Here in Hawaii, everyone eats rice and everyone has a rice cooker. The most wonderful thing about rice cookers is that they make consistently perfect rice and it's easy. All you have to do is measure out the rice (in a cup that is provided), wash the rice, add water, cover it and flip the switch. You never have to check on it and about 45 minutes later, you have perfect rice. It's an amazing appliance! You could buy one for under $20.00(I've seen them on sale for $15.00!)