Ever want to listen to music while you bike, not using boring headphones? How about taking music to outdoor parties without having to lug a set of speakers around? This is a super-easy way to listen to music while you bike...

PLEASE: Post your ideas to add on to this in the comments section, for everybody else, and me, to do. There's never too much music or speakers to blast while biking!

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What You Need:
A cheap mp3 player, it will be alot easier if it takes a disposable battery...
A bike
A ton of duct tape
An old speaker... I used a speaker from a broken amp
Some batteries, the bigger (D) the better
A speaker cable

NOTE: You're mp3 player might break, thats why the cheaper the better...

Step 2: WHAT TO DO

Alright, now let's say you have all those parts... The first thing to do is to cut one of the heads off your speaker cable. A headphone cable would work better because it is already separated. Make sure the wire will conduct electricity. My cable had 3 small copper wires, each coated in a finish that I had to sand off. The colors I had were red, blue, and copper. If you somehow end up with one like that, don't bother sanding off the copper one, you wont use it, and it may not have a coating if you do decide to modify this idea.

Now, take your speaker and connect the stripped wire to it, and plug the other end of the cable into a computer headphone jack. Switch the wires around to the opposite sides and see which sounds better. Once you have decided the better sounding way, solder or just tape them together.


Alright, now the fun part. I am not liable if you end up frying your mp3 player, but all I know is that mine did not die on me. Since I used a sandisk sansa e130, shown in step 1, it takes one AAA battery. That didn't seem to last long powering a small fender guitar amp speaker, so i figured this easy step out.

Let's say you have something like my mp3 player. It can take a AAA, AA, C, D, two of each, anything works as long as it takes that battery. If you have a rechargeable battery, I can't really help you, but maybe you got lucky and it takes an even voltage that you can make from a few batteries. Now, take the largest battery(s) you can find, as long as they are 1.5 volts, and depending on how many batteries your mp3 player takes, hook them up in parallel, or if you have one, just tape two wires to it, one on each side. I used a C battery because I had nothing bigger. Now, either solder or tape the other ends of the wire into the corrects part of the battery holder. (Positive on the battery goes where it normally would, only with wires) Make sure they are secure...

Step 4: TAPING

Nows the easy part... Tape everything! I taped my speaker to the bar across the bar, over the break lines. The brakes still worked, and so did the gear shifting. I would suggest taping it there because at least on my bike, the sound is pointed right at my head. I taped my mp3 player on the handle bars for easy aces, and the battery a little to the right (in the picture left, my camera reverses the images) so it could be changed easily.

Step 5: GOOD LUCK!

Haha alright good luck with this, it worked for me, hopefully you are as lucky as I am.

Like I said before, PLEASE POST IDEAS OR INSTRUCTIONS! I know there are better ideas out there, this is just a starter. Hopefully it will get people thinking about better ideas, and then those people can post their ideas here. If you make an instructable like this, post a link, or if you just have a cool idea please post it! Post some pics of my idea, or better yet your idea to give people ideas. Here is a list of other ideas that may inspire you:

stereo sound
better ways of mounting it
better amp
powered by the moving wheels
more speakers
or better yet:

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    30 Discussions

    to protect it? good idea i think i'll end up doing that... if i end up riding through a few puddles or a lake again it might get wet! can exposure to sunlight also damage it? what materials do you think would be good to cover it with?

    i once mounted a set of 6x9 el cheapo's in the rear deck of a car, lots of sun, and trash flying around. so to protect them a little i glued some thin nylon i cut from a sleeping bag to the mounting gasket (the one that runs around the top of the cone next to the screw mounting holes). it vibrated nicly, and kept the sun/trash out of the cone.

    I mean something like speakers come with when they are new. some kind of screen or something so your speaker won't get torn up


    10 years ago on Step 2

    if you touch the copper wire to one of the regular wires you will get a BIG boost in sound quality


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    That wouldn't work. You would damage your speaker very quickly. You have the battery across the speaker, that is going to be constantly pushing out the cone and will create a short.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    every time you double the number of speakers, you get 3 extra decibels which is the same as doubling your amplifier power! just make sure you don't lower impedance too much as it will fry an amp. 4 ohm is the lowest you want to go with most amplifiers. car amps can handle 2 ohms.

    2 X 8 ohm speakers that share the same + & - (parallel) on an amp = 4 ohm load. when you wire the same speakers with one's + to the amp +, and then it's - to the next speaker's + and THAT speaker's - to the amp - (series), you double impedance to 16 ohms. by combining BOTH techniques with 4 speakers, you can get 6 free dB with the same exact load on an amp. that's like doubling your power twice.

    as mentioned too, putting speakers in a cabinet will help you get deeper bass by canceling the sound's out of phase back wave. it doesn't make as much difference at higher frequencies.

    you don't really need to build a big heavy wood box either. sometimes car stereo installers test subwoofers in cardboard boxes which are much easier and lighter to work with. really, a little bit of box resonance might help "warm" the sound of your small speakers. it would sound cleaner with a solid box though.

    if you can find them, some people have built really nice speaker cabinets using the heavy cardboard tubes used inside carpets shipped to carpet stores. that thick cardboard makes for a really good enclosure that isn't resonant.

    more speakers = louder
    a box = deeper bass

    other than that, you need more power

    1 reply

    you could always get a sonic impact amplifier, but at $50+ (US), they cost a little bit of money. you can also get really cheap amplifier kits from 1 watt to 10 watts per channel if you can handle some wiring. the easiest thing might be to get a used pair of powered computer speakers and remove the power transformer, usually the plug (aka wall wart) and substitute battery power instead. these days people even throw working PC speakers out if they upgrade because they're so cheap. just make sure you match the power level. AA, AAA, C & D batteries are all 1.5 volt, so if you have a 6v transformer, you'd need 4 batteries. usually too, the power cable is color coded with the white striped wire being positive and the plain black negative.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Please, how I heighten volume speakers? Play me ghastly quietly. Sorry for my English.... I'm 15 and I am form the Czech Republic


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I would suggest you to use an amp for the speaker though coz you might not get enough sound if you connect your mp3 directly to the speaker.