EASY RFID Add/Delete Tag Door Unlock

Introduction: EASY RFID Add/Delete Tag Door Unlock

About: I like arduino hahah and my first name i try to put is Kernel's but i cant ;( so "arduino_nano" its here for all

Hello to all people like arduino and any other electronic section today i get

here a new and easy RFID Add/Delete Tag to Door Unlock.. why, because all tutorial its very cool in

"INSTRUCTABLE AWESOME" but it's for PRO programer hahaha so i try to make more easy for al people.

So.. in this tutorial you need :

-An Arduino board (UNO, Nano v3, Pro Mini, Leonardo, Mega 2560) in the sketch i add the connection mode for all boards.

-Protoboard or Breadboard (as you like to call this).

-Module RFID RC522.

-Relay module 5v.

-RGB (you can use 3 leds with 1Led / 1 resistence330 Ohms).


-And a simple Button module.

Step 1: First One RFID Module Connection to Arduino

So before I tell use any board of Arduino, I'm using an Arduino Nano v3 from RobotDyn (good quality)

The following table shows the typical pin layout used:

Arduino Nano v3:

MFRC522 Arduino Board

Pins Pins

RST ---> 9

SDA ---> 10

MOSI ---> 11

MISO ---> 12

SCK ---> 13

VCC ---> 3.3v (Important because this module only work with this voltage!!!)

GND ---> GND

i will add a photo later with all board connections... All Boards Connections Photo

Step 2: Pins Connections RGB, Relay & Wipe Button

I like to use the pins in order... i don't know why but like this...


*Pins Arduino Connectos, in the project i define the colors.




VCC ---> 5v

GND ----> GND

---Relay 5v---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------:

Relay pin signal ---> PIN 5

Relay + ----> 5v

Relay - ----> GND

---BUTTON MODULE-------------------------------------------------------------------------------:

Button + ----> 5v

Button - ----> GND

Button Signal ----> PIN 6

Step 3: Start Resource... You Need

In this next step you need a MFRC522 Library of Miguel Balboa "ALL CREDITS!"

Library Miguel Balboa RFID <---- Download here and put in the folder of the arduino..

If you are new (me too) and don't know "where i put the library?"

In the folder of Arduino IDE you can see a folder called "libraries" open and put inside this

exist another folder called "lib" don't touch this :)

I add here the sketch to download and do all you want with this AND SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH

HAVE A GOOD DAY TO ALL. Sketch Download

if you don't trust download use the website Virustotal.com to scan virus ;)



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