EASY SHELF/MOBILE CHARGING Point/EASY ACCESS SHELF/FREE Shelf/charging Point/mobile/charger/

Introduction: EASY SHELF/MOBILE CHARGING Point/EASY ACCESS SHELF/FREE Shelf/charging Point/mobile/charger/


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Step 1: That Is All I Have Done..

i was concerned of being unable to charge my phone because the cord wasn't long enough so that i had to wait for some other charging point to be unused so that i could charge my phone.

i had thought of installing a book shelf so that i could use it near the charging point but both space and money were constraints. also our owner did not approve of any drilling so i had to devise a simple solution for free.. look what i came up with, a small shelf .. good enough to hold my phone my lappy cleaning kit, a charger or two , an earphone,a glue stick, some pens , my dongle. and much more.. my roomie received a shipment from flipkart.com , which was a power bank in a nifty little cardboard casing which was thick , made from recycled paper and was tough. i did this:

1. spotted a fine area on the wall near the charging point. 2. smeared wood glue onto one of the larger surfaces of the box and waited for it to dry out a little so that i do not have to hold it onto the wall while it sets. 3. pasted the box onto the wall. 4. waited for it to dry and voila .. here i have my small charging station .. to charge any mobile or tablet. it holds pretty strong and i think i can even keep my deo spray in it.. please try for urselves and lemee know.

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