EASY and CHEAP Skewer Bow and Arrow!!!




Introduction: EASY and CHEAP Skewer Bow and Arrow!!!

simple bow and arrow made out of skewers, tape, rubber bands and scissors will however put holes in walls and pretty much injure or kill anything it hits!! and only cost $5 to make heaps of these!!

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Step 1: First

1. tape (electrical tape is best)
2. scissors
3. 2 skewers (3 or more to include an aimer)
4. rubber bands.

alright here we go.

Step 2: Second

now cut the sharp tips off of the skewers and throw those tips away
then tape the 2 skewers together at the top and bottom (see picture)
that is pretty much your bow all u need now is to attach the string/rubber bands!!

Step 3: Third

now loop the two rubber bands together and stick them to the top and bottom on the bow and well thats pretty much all you have to do pretty simple eh?. continue to see how to add in a aimer to make the bow easier to aim with!!!

Step 4: Fourth

you bow is now complete!!! but keep reading to learn how to make the aimer and the arrows!!

Step 5: Adding an Aimer

the following steps will explain and show you how to add an aimer to make your bow easier to aim with (duh)

1. cut 1 centimeter off of the bottom of a spare skewer
2. wedge your piece of skewer in between the bars that make your bow.
3. cut a 2 centimeter in length piece of tape and wrap around the aimer and cut next to the bars
4. pull the small rectangular piece of tape down and tape (see images)
5. well congratulations your done and before you start thinking hey what do you know hes not raving on
about safety well...... too bad
*WARNING* PLEASE oh god please do not shoot at people as it will penetrate skin! causing them to sulk and you to get into trouble.

and well enjoy surly i don't have to make another instructable showing how to shoot the thing!!

oh and if any1 needs help just ask!!

Step 6: The Arrows

alright!! we are done with the bow now for the arrows!

1. cut a 1 centimeter in length piece of tape and roll the tape around the arrow close to the end of the skewer look at pic

2. squeeze the tape where it hangs off the end of the arrow together and cut right down the middle and well that should do it all you have to do it push the arrow onto the rubber bands pull back and FIRE!!!

1.stick a blob of blutac to the tip of the arrow to add extra weight so it should shoot straight!!
2.you can also use other things for string such as fishing wire, flossing wire etc
3.instead of a piece of skewer as an aimer u could use the end of a pen (the part that you write with) and hot glue it in place.
4. be really careful as it can bounce randomly and getcha real bad!!!
5. you could add in fins (small 1's) and maybe even a sewing needle (allowing you to stick arrows in walls ect) (ps i dont recommend it!!!)

please do not leave stupid comments ive posted this for everyone to enjoy.

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    15 Discussions

    fork me3
    fork me3

    12 years ago on Introduction

    and just letting u kno who cares?!! i mean the whole idea is to have fun not to make it complicated and real. but if u wanna make it real i suggest using fishing wire ect. please keep the whole fun thing in mind before commenting


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    The skewer would snap with fishing cord. For real fun, try using det cord for a string!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool but my rubber bands keep slipping off to the sides. Any suggestions?

    fork me3
    fork me3

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    ok wen you put the rubberbands in you wedge the band inbetween the bamboo skwers made this ages ago lol but still works well. if my answer is not sufficient fell free to ask more


    12 years ago on Introduction

    sweet.at first i was like- here we go, a rubber band on a stick, but i saw the aiming thing or watever and it rocks

    ching chong
    ching chong

    12 years ago on Introduction

    w00t its andrew and i got first comment nice tut though i might try it and maybe reinforce it a little and add some metal tips :P