EBICU [ E-BIke-Control-Unit ]




Introduction: EBICU [ E-BIke-Control-Unit ]

control unit for E-Bikes based on an arduino microcontroller.

The control unit drives the motor (motor shield / throttle), displays
temperature values (green column)​​, power values ​​(red column) and
speed values (blue column) ​​via smartphone using bluetooth.
Should the bike be moved after parking (stolen), the control unit sends
a SMS with the current GPS values, ​​so that it can be found again.
The pedelec-function has not been tested yet.
The control unit drives a selfmade recumbent.



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    3 Discussions

    need the schamitcs for thus contoller. can if do 48v/10 ah

    This is a sweet project - you should give some narration about how it all works, because I am not too sure what I am looking at.