EBot Firefly

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Making an LED turned on with variable
brightness, gradually increasing and decreasing the brightness of an LED can mimic a firefly.

I used Ebot controller for this firefly example.

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Step 1: Materials

The materials needed for making this are.

1-Ebot controller.

2-Ebot Programming USB cable.

3-Ebot Green LED module.

4-jumper wire.

5-Firefly Clipart.

6- Ebot blockly application installed PC for programming

Step 2: Programming the EBot

I made the blocks required for the LED which mimics the Firefly using Ebot blockly application. Corresponding Arduino equivalent code is generated in the code page of the application.

Made two loops which could run for 256 times, One for increasing the brightness and another for reducing the brightness. A delay of 5 ms is added.

The code is downloaded in the controller.

Step 3: Video

here is the video which shows how it looks like

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