ECig Charger

Why did I build this?

Ever since I'm smoking with my E-Cigarette(ECig), I was annoyed by the fact that I had to charge the ECig by laying it onto the table. Sometimes It fell done or the liquid inside the ECig was making a mess on the surface where I put it.

The only solution was a charger which can charge the ECig while standing. Also it give the ECig a good place to be stored and where it has a secure stand.

Step 1: Print the Socket

Well the first thing you need, is a 3D printer to print the "socket" for the ECig
Attached you'll find the stl-File and the cad-file for FreeCad.
The socket does only fit for the "Eleaf iStick TC60W", so if you have a different one you need to change the dimensions of course ;)

Step 2: Laser-cut the Box for the Socket

Second thing you want to do is laser-cut the box for the socket.
As you might guessed already, the box is mainly to give this whole thing more stability and also to hide the cable and stuff.

Attached you can find the CorelDraw x7 file for the box.

Step 3: Assembling and Start Charging :)

After you made these two part, you can super-glue everything together and in place.

If anyone ever wants to rebuild something like this, I give you one advise:
Put something have inside the box. This way it will stand way better on the table (just think about one of these tape-rollers). Sadly I assembled everything and then realized that this would have been a good idea :)

Let me know what you think about this :)



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