EDC Load Out




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Step 1: Make Sure Your Legal

Make sure you check your local and state laws so that you can make sure that whatever you carry is legal that you do not run into trouble with the law

Step 2: Pick Out What Works for You

Make sure you feel confident and comfortable with what you carry,and you do not have to buy everything you want right away work with what you have if you can not purchase what you want at the time

Step 3: Be Consistent With Your EDC

What is the point of building a EDC Load Out if you are not going to be consistent with carrying it.

Step 4: What I Carry

I carry: Wallet, Keys, Earphones, Penlight: Four-Sevens Preon 2, 2 Knives: Primary: SOG Trident, Utility: Spyderco Delica 4, Watch: Casio Compass Watch, iPhone 4 in my OtterBox Holster



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    5 years ago

    I also have recently added this paracord bracelet I made today,it's always good to have if you are ever in need of rope

    13, 7:27 PM.jpg